Sunday, July 30, 2006

More Signatures and Sketches

Here are a few more of my favourites from the Con...

Back from San Diego

Well, ComicCon wrapped up a week ago, so I've had a little time to process the whole experience. This was my first year at the Con, and it couldn't have been better. It was wonderful to finally have the chance to absorb some of the atmosphere of the pop-art world which I've been priveleged to be a part of for the last five years. I met so many of the artists I admire and hope to emulate. Sergio Aragones, Kyle Baker, Stan Sakai, Los Bros. Hernandez, Tony Millionaire, Dan Clowes, Mike Mignola, to name a few. My sketchbook was signed by 35 different artists in total, many of whom were kind enough to include a small sketch. I had a nice conversation with Brian Froud about book hunting. William Stout sketched a stegosaurus for my son, Daniel. I chatted with Craig McCracken and his wife Lauren Faust about a lost episode of the Powerpuff Girls that was never aired in the US (it's a Rock Opera!!) All in all it was a thoroughly exhillerating experience. I'm completely invigorated and I can't wait to go back next year.