Tuesday, August 28, 2007

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The Comix and Stories con here in Vancouver was great! I sold out of comics, and I got to meet Farel Darlymple, Steve Rolston and Corey Lewis (among others)! Also listen for my radio interview on Inkstuds coming soon.


Danny said...

A friends concert? Wouldn't have been at this bar next to the library in downtown though? Me was there last saturday because some friends of mine had a show, together with two other bands. Was quite a nice place..

The sketchcrawl got planned on short hand (i had no idea i would move to Vancouver that fast) so i ended up with nobody even noticing and went out instead. Had a lot of fun with that though(!) And thanks for your invitation to the Vancouver Comic Jam - i'll definatly drop by.


For any means of contact: my unreadable email address is viewable under my blogger profile. Cheers!

Danny said...

Sheesh!, where is my mind! Seems like i turned it off one day (don't ask me why) and ... forgot.

So it's there again, but also here, the unpronounceable