Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Page 11

I'll add the dialogue tomorrow. I just wanted to show off the purty pitchurs.


Tom P. said...

Purdy pictures. By the way, I sorted out my Paypal issues and now have a couple o' copies of your comical book on their way to me.

Make Mine Much! Excelsior!


sTeVeLeC said...

Great! I'm glad that worked out for you.

I'm beginning to think I'm not gonna make my fortune through online sales. Up to now I've sold a grand total of 3 comics through the website.

Tom P. said...

So, wait... Are you saying that, in essence, I've bought 2/3 of your comics on-line? Jeez. Scott McCloud is a fruit.

John Young said...

i love the second to last panel. you were in my dream last night; there was something about a pill that could make you fly but also gave you diabetes. More importantly though, was that you were on the board of decision makers at studio b and apparently you were indespensible as a creative advisor to chris and blair.

sTeVeLeC said...

I have no idea how to respond to that.