Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nothing you have ever seen can prepare you...

APE IN A CAPE!!! I've been looking at too much Frazetta stuff lately. Anyway, I'm going to be at Comix and Stories at the Vancouver Art Gallery this coming Sunday. I'll have my own table where I'll be selling my new sketchbook and a preview of Much book 2. I'll also have copies of book 1 if you don't have it. There looks to be a great guest list as well, so come check out the show!


Cartuman said...

Great work as always!
I would love to have their books I and II.
How could proceed to receive them at home, here in Brazil?


Paulo "Cartuman" Marques

Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

Wow, this is amazing work. Bookmarked, sir!

Steve said...

Hey Cartuman! Thanks! I don't really know how you could get my books in Brazil. I think if you order them from IndyPlanet you'll pay a huge shipping bill. Until I get into Diamond or something it'll be hard to get my books overseas. Sorry.

Alex: Thanks man! I'll add you to my links list!

John Young said...

Hey Steve, i did a similar frazetta inspired drawing a while back and this post inspired me to try inking it. As is typical of me, i completely ruined it in the inking process. thanks a lot jerk. Also, everyone's been waiting forever for more Much, i know you're a busy man and everything but we have needs too!