Tuesday, November 04, 2008

God Bless America.

Today you've made a great stride toward restoring your Nation's greatness.

As a Canadian, I'd like to welcome you back to the real world.

We missed you.


Tom P. said...

BTW, American people? This president seems a right decent sort of fellow. Try not to assassinate him, ok? Otherwise, you'll all have to wear bags over your heads for the next fifty years or so.

Hey, Steve. I've had my ups and downs. The downs? Sent some spec TV scripts off to an agent in Vancouver a while back, got the form rejection letter. SIGH.

The ups? UPS. (tee hee) I'm workin' part-time for UPS 'til X-mas, and if it works out, I may get on full-time. (I may even transfer to Vancouver!)

Yes, what is this 'sleep' thing the mortals speak of? Real men, nay, HEROES such as you and I eschew such trivialities! Let us together raise a herd of myrmidons and conquer this country! (You can have the east coast.) Excelsior!


sTeVeLeC said...

I've been thinking that too. As soon as it became clear tha Obama had a real shot at the presidency, I thought, "Oh shit, they're going to assassinate him."

I'm glad to hear you're submitting scripts. Good luck man! Keep it up!

And hey, you might be moving to Vancouver? Sweet! Lee was making noises to that effect as well.

Anonymous said...

I am glad Obama got in, I have been following the race quite closely now I hope some crazy white racist doesn't assassinate him. I am sure there will be stepped up security around him for that very reason. Mom