Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What to look for at the San Diego Comic-Con!

Want a copy of my book at the San Diego Comic-Con? Look for this guy with the snazzy T-shirt. I'm afraid I couldn't afford a booth this year, but I'll have a bag full of books and I'm looking forward to meeting all you shiny people.



Anonymous said...

T-shirt looks great. Have a great time and sell lots of books. Mom

Tom P. said...

Steve, are you growing a 'faux-hawk'?

Steve LeCouilliard said...

No. I use gel to keep my hair from going all frizzy, but I'm desperately in need of a haircut so I ended up with this sad example of topiary. Tintin in an electrical storm it looks like.

Tom P. said...

Ah, I'm just buggin' you. You look good. Not half as good, though, as volume 2 of 'Much'! Dunno if you got my e-mail, but it is a very nice book! Take a bow, m'man! You've earned it!