Monday, August 09, 2010

Here's some more color!

What do you think?


Tom P. said...

Hey, Steve.

Between page 1 and page 2, I like page 1 better. The colouring's more lively. Overall, your colour work's improving considerably.

One minor quibble: On page 3, you've got that dark green bit on the tree in the top part there which, from a design perspective, kinda brings a black hole to the composition.

You might want to try lightening it up a bit, and give that whole tree top a bit of sphere shading. Keep it low-key, and you'll bring the centre of the composition back to Robin's nymph, where I assume you want the viewer's eye to go.

Well, listen to me, yakkin' on so...


Steve LeCouilliard said...

I agree. I'll try and fix that black hole. It was something I copied from my photo ref, but I was never sure about it.

Tom P. said...

Oh, I didn't see the new colouring on page 3. Very nice, Sir!

James V. West said...

While I always love your black and white images, color has a charm that is hard to resist. I love these pages, man. Love 'em.