Friday, February 15, 2008

Page 4!

And now the punchline. If you go back and read this sequence from the beginning, you'll realize I just wasted a month of your time on a single joke. A comedy first!


Tom P. said...

Nice bit of 'Franquin'-style shading in panel 3, there, buckaroo!

sTeVeLeC said...

Thanks Tom!

Sorry again about running out of comics. I should have saved you one at least. I suck.


Tom P. said...

No, you don't suck, Steve! (Selling off all the comics you got is way south of 'suck'!)

Rather, I suck, as I messed up my PayPal account!

I'll try and sort it out next week, and if I can't, I'll drop you a line, and we'll work something out.


Jarrett said...

Great style:) Fun.