Saturday, February 23, 2008

What else happened lately...

Oh yeah, I just had a new BABY! Say hello to Aiden, my beautiful new son. Pictured in the photo are my other son Daniel (who prefers to be called Optimus Prime), my lovely wife Cory, and me (with the beard).


Danny said...

Hey Steve,

congratulations to your son!
Two children at the young age of 30... your making me feel like i'm too late for it all.

And on your 'new' inking style - i like it a lot. It seems so smoothly readable because the line strokes vary more, giving the pictures a more homogeneous feel with nice transitions from light to dark, simplicity to detail. The difference in the brush strokes also underlines objects textures and makes them again easier readable, i find.

But i'm not the best on discussing inking technics so forgive if above doesn't make all too much sense!

Cheers and have a nice weekend,

Tom P. said...

Again, my congratulations to you and Cory. The mighty LeCouilliard empire expands!

You realize, of course, that when Daniel and Aiden get older, they're gonna become these total athletic jock types and PICK ON YOU...

"Hey, dad! We threw your Floyd Gottfriedson collection up on the roof! We'll let you go get it down if you can give us five push-ups! Heh-heh!"

"Aw, now, boys..."


Anonymous said...

Lovely picture. Job well done! Mum

yolk said...

woo.. congratulations Steve!
lot of sun for all family. :)

see you soon.. :)

sTeVeLeC said...

Thanks everybody!

Purdy said...

Congratulations guys :)

Emmett said...

More Much!