Saturday, May 22, 2010

You're hired!

I saw The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus last night. I enjoyed it. I'm a long-time Terry Gilliam fan and it's nice to see him doing something fun again (I didn't see Tidelands but I hated The Brothers Grimm.) Of course, Imaginarium will be most remembered as Heath Ledger's final film. There have certainly been worse swan songs.

Another thing that struck me, since I'm in the midst of pretend-casting Much the movie, is actress Lily Cole. I think I may have found my Marion. She certainly looks the part. She's also English, which is important, and she has an air of innocence about her that would really sell Marion's naive convictions. So Lily, call me.

Now I'll just need to find out if Rowan Atkinson is free to play the Sheriff.


Mike said...

SHe also eerily looks like Ashley Irving-Scott sometimes.

Steve LeCouilliard said...

Yeah, she does. Ashley is very distinctive-looking. I don't think I know anyone else with her combination of color and features. There must be some hidden valley in England somewhere where they grow gorgeous redheads.