Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fantasy Comic coming soon!

Hey guys,

My friend Mr. Esty's online shared-universe anthology, 'Illyham' is getting ready to launch October 12th.

Here's the link [link]

The idea is that all the stories will surround the town of Illyham, a port town set in a generic fantasy universe. Any style of fantasy is welcome in the mix. Japanese RPG, Sword and Sorcery, 80's cartoons, D&D, whatever.

It's completely open, so anyone can contribute. There are a few simple rules posted on the site. Ultimately, we plan to collect and publish the best stories that come out of this. I hope some of you guys feel inspired to contribute.

This is the project for which I created Una the Blade. I'll be posting the first Una story in a couple of days.


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