Friday, October 03, 2008

Una the Blade

Hopefully this project will get under way later this month. In the meantime, here's a few pictures.


Cartuman said...

I like very much the poses that you use. ;)

sTeVeLeC said...


Richard Gaines said...

Dude, I LOVE your work!! You go from really cartoony to edging on realism. Great comics. Keep me posted, please!

Emmett said...

Yeah this is exciting stuff!
Funny but still so badass.
There going to some actual comics with Una soon? Or do you have finish with Much first?
Don't give her red hair.

Mr.Esty said...

Man, those look amazing!
I am sooo looking forward to this comic :D

sTeVeLeC said...

Thanks guys!

Emmett: Yeah there's a comic coming. It's a collaboration, so I need a few more pieces to fall into place.

Sean: Hey man! Am I crazy, or did you tell me you had a map made up? I'd like to see it if you get a chance. Oh yeah, and I assume you got my books?


Mr.Esty said...

I've been pretty sick & kinda lagging on that project (sorry!). I'll send you a map when I get home. Also, yeah I got the books today (thanks!). :D

scott diggs underwood said...

I like her.....EYES.
Nice drawings....look forward to whatever this is going to be.